Nerve Regeneration Therapy

What is nerve regeneration therapy (NRT)?

NRT works using an advanced form of electrical stimulation combined with local pain injections. NRT sends its signal through the nervous system and awakens the sleeping nerves. By stimulating the nerves, damage from neuropathy can be reversed. NRT has been shown to have an 80% success rate and results are long-lasting. Thousands of people have experienced relief of their neuropathy symptoms using this method and have started enjoying life again.

Neuropathy literally means “sick nerves”.  When nerves become damaged, they either send abnormal signals when they are not supposed to, or they don’t send signals when they should. Neuropathy can occur anywhere in the body, but it is common in the lower extremities, and in particular, the feet. The abnormal signals sent by the nerves in these areas cause many uncomfortable symptoms, such as burning, aching, tingling, numbness, and others. No doubt you may be suffering from some of these symptoms right now.


Up until now,  treatments have been focused on reducing the abnormal sensations using medications. These come with a number of undesirable side effects, and are not very effective. They do nothing to help the nerves function properly or repair themselves. They are also expensive, require lifelong treatment, and can interact with other medications.

NRT is new method of treating neuropathy, recently discovered and highly effective. It treats neuropathy without pills, without side effects, and actually restores the function of the damaged nerves. Many of our patients experience long-lasting relief of symptoms, even years after the treatments have been completed. NRT is actually a combination of two therapies that, when combined, achieve these results for many patients.

Peripheral Nerve Block (Ankle Block)

A medicine called marcaine is injected into the area around the nerves of the ankle. This injected medication causes local blood vessels to dilate, allowing for better circulation around the nerves. With improved oxygen delivery to the nerves, their function begins to be restored.  

Electronic Signal Treatment (EST)

EST is applied after each nerve block. Electrical impulses of a certain frequency and strength are delivered to the nerves of the lower extremities in a specific pattern. These impulses are believed to have significant anti-inflammatory effects, stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanism, relieve pain and improve circulation. EST is much more powerful than a typical TENS unit or muscle stimulator, and far more complex.

Anodyne Infrared Therapy

At the same time the Electronic Signal Therapy (EST) is being applied, we utilize an Anodyne Infrared Therapy device. Anodyne® uses infrared light to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. When applied regularly, and in combination with the EST, we have found that circulation is increased, allowing the newly regenerating nerve fibers to receive more nourishment. To learn more about the clinical research on the uses of Anodyne for treating pain, visit:

A series of 20 treatments combining peripheral nerve blocks followed by EST is performed. Treatments are typically twice per week. 

Our understanding of the processes causing neuropathy continues to evolve. Along with this new knowledge, new effective treatments are being investigated. Our unique system of peripheral nerve blocks combined with EST is the most effective strategy known for treating this difficult and debilitating disease, with an effectiveness rate as high as 80%. We will continue to stay abreast of all developments in this field and will incorporate any new methods into our treatment program that prove to be effective in the future. To learn more about the studies of the Nerve Regeneration Therapy protocol, click here

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